I like to think software develpment like a craftmanship, for me a new requiremnt is an oportunity to/for? make ( and learn) something new.

I'm still having fun coding like since the first "Hello World", This is my motivation and my commitments in every project. And I think this is my energy for the routine.

I like to spend my free time developing software on personal projects, but I also really enjoy mountaineering, sports, cooking and trying new foods.

Bruno Oscar Lopez. Lugar: Abra del Acay


Full Stack Developer with +10 years of experience in web development, my stack of tools is mainly Java with Spring Framework and PostgreSQL and SQL Server Databases. In the frontend I have worked Javascript and Angular.

Experience in developing applications with RESTful architecture and integrating internal projects with third-party projects.


Software Development

I worked on Fullstack web development projects at various companies. In addition, I have experience in the software life cycle, from the creation of the architecture to maintenance and supporting users. I offer software development services for companies, using technologies such as Java, Spring Framework, SQL Server, and JavaScript Tools.

Project Management

I have worked on software projects in different companies and advised other team members on technical issues. I have also used agile methodologies and tools like Git and GitHub for version control. I can offer software project management services, providing technical advice and using appropriate methodologies and tools.


I have trained professionals to work with new technologies and have given introductory programming and web design workshops for elementary school children. As a Computer Systems Analyst, I can offer information technology training services for companies or individuals interested in learning new skills or updating their knowledge of technology.


Help companies improve their technical software development processes and make technology projects more effective. I could advise you on technical and project management issues.


I love sharing or discussing knowledge and experiences with other professionals about IT. I am available to give talks on related topics.


I invite you to propose to me some topics, maybe we can share a common interest. Is there something you would like to discuss or learn? Please feel free to ask me whatever you need.


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